Кафедра КІТС


About us

A new Department of Computer Intelligent Technologies and Systems (KITS) was created at the CIU faculty and a new Computer Intellectual Technology (KIT) educational program was opened to prepare masters – 18 budget places in the specialty “Computer Engineering”.
The new KITS department will be staffed by the best-known teachers in the Computer Department: Prof. Rudenko O.G., prof. Karablyov M.M., prof. Bezson O.O., prof. Aksak N.G. and other teachers.
The main focus of masters training in the new KIT ​​educational program is algorithmic, software and hardware for computer intelligent systems. The following disciplines are planned to be taught:
– Big data analysis using artificial neural networks.
– Architecture of neurocontrollers and neuroprocessors.
– Intelligent video analytics.
– The basics of deep learning (computer vision, image recognition, etc.).
– Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods and tools.
– Intelligent computer systems and their architectures.
– Multi-agent systems.
– Implementation of AI systems on GPU.
– The basics of accelerated computing on CUDA (for C / C ++, Python).
– Image recognition based on GPU programming technologies.
– Accelerate cybersecurity applications using GPUs.
– Digital image processing.
– Intelligent signal processing.
– Intelligent Embedded Systems.
– Intelligent robotic systems.
– Intelligent computer systems on the Raspberry Pi platform and programming for Python.
– Evolutionary (genetic algorithms, genetic programming, evolutionary strategies, cellular algorithms, etc.) and co-evolutionary methods.
– Swarm intelligence (particle swarm method, ant algorithms, bee swarm algorithm, bacterial algorithms, etc.).
– Computational methods and models based on artificial immune systems.
– Intelligent decision support systems.
– Methods and means of information compression.
– New areas of research (quantum algorithms, DNA computing, molecular algorithms, etc.).
– Other disciplines.